• Image of DOG BUS "BOOTY SEIZURE" Physical CD

We've worked for 3 YEARS on our album "Booty Seizure" prod. by us, James Robertson (Down With Webster) & Tino (Carly Rae Jepsen) & it's FINALLY out!


1. Enter The Booty
2. Booty Seizure (Feat. Blanket)
3. Hopscotch
4. Shotgun
5. Drop That Beat (Feat. The JDOGGs)
6. Popsicle/Michelle Kwan (Feat. RiFF RaFF)
7. Yayuuhhh
8. Woah
9. Cherry Lipstick
10. Up All Night (Feat. Courage My Love)
11. Miley Cyrus
12. Hello Kiddies
13. Creep (Feat. Blanket)
14. We Just Wanna Party (Feat. Rene Gillezeau)